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You Made It!!!

Dear 7v7 Player:

Congratulations! As the recipient of this letter, you have been chosen as one of the top performing student athletes who were selected for the 2022 St. Johns Cobras 7v7 team. You have every right to be proud for being selected as a result of your hard work, football skills, success in the classroom, and your behavior. We expect you to keep up the hard work. Keep in mind, however, that one of your very best friends may not have made the team. Be sensitive to their disappointment.

I expect that you will be at all practice and games. Our first practice is Sunday January 2nd at 1pm at plantation park on the rear auxiliary fields behind the grass football field in the front of the park. We will also have a Parent Meeting on the first day of practice. 

Once again, Congratulations on making the team. It is now your job to make sure that the hard work and dedication that earned you a spot on the team continues throughout the season.
I am very excited about our chances for a very successful season.

Sincerely Yours, Cobras Coaches
Phone: (904) 476-3909

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